BOWLS sample

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Prototype of handwoven rug BOWLS, size 80x140 | 31x52 in

Over 90% of used material comes from textiles recycling. It's a waste generated in mass knitwear production; it consists mostly cotton fibers. Remaining 10% is a linen thread used as a warp.

This sample CAN NOT be washed in washing mashine. We recommend to hang it on a wall.

Finished with fringe. 


The design of BOWLS cotton rug presents a tower made of different bowls. Every one of them is a champion in its own cathegory. One of them wins in The Best Porrige Bowl, another in The Best Bowl For Fruits and there's also a winner in The Best Bowl For Lots Of Pasta. All of the designs from FAV STUFF collection are inspired by our favourite things, little objects which make every day pleasant.

Thanks to using traditional weaving technique, the volume of production waste we make is very little - it fits in just one hand.

Product handmade in Poland

weft: 100% recycled T-shirt yarn

warp: 100% linen

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