Avocado | Elderberry | Goldenrod

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This delicate wall hanging from the series Plant Dyed is an unique decoration made of 100% natural materials. 

It's woven with special, handspun and naturally dyed woolen high quality yarns. Wool in the natural ecru color are leftovers from nearby big carpets factory. This item can be a delicate and unique wall decoration.
Yellows come from goldenrod dyeing, oranges and pinks are from avocado and light orange is from elderberry. 
Over time those yarns can change it's collor a little bit due to the special character of plant dyed materials. 
We advice you not to keep this item in a sunny place. 
The wall hanging was ethically made in Poland with all the precision and attention to details.
Please notice that colors in reality may vary slightly due to different screen settings.

Height with fringe: 
99 cm | 39 “
Height with fringe and dowel: 104 cm | 40,9”
Width: 26 cm | 10,2”
Width with dowel: 29 cm | 11,4”


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